AL-Q laser welding station for automated production

The AL-Q is a laser class 1 welding cell. It can be loaded manually or connected to a pick-and-place system.

The AL-Q is ideal for automated work. An electric door opens and closes at the touch of a button, ideal for quick loading of the working chamber. Individual parts or magazines find sufficient space on the centrally arranged work table, which also has a feed-through at the bottom for long components. These can also be inserted into the booth via a slot on the side (optional). For enhanced automation, a pick-and-place system can be connected or retrofitted.

The laser cell is available with different air-cooled fiber laser sources of 150, 300, 450 or 600 watts. The 450 and 600 watts are also optionally available water-cooled. It can also be flexibly equipped with all ALPHA LASER industrial optics. A quick-change system is optionally available.

Easy programming:

Programming can be learned quickly, since our well-known WINLaserNC software does not require G-codes. Different user levels or access rules can be defined to avoid work errors.

It is even possible to perform manual welding tasks on the AL-Q (post processing, single piece, etc). The optional ALPHA LASER 2D video goggles are plugged in to observe the welding process. Work is then carried out with the door open – with additional laser protection measures.

An external extraction unit (start-stop integrated in the AL-Q) reliably extracts welding fumes.

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