VLO 60 the new hand welding laser from Alpha Laser

Finally, it’s here. The new and compact VLO 60 handheld welding laser for demanding craft work. This 60-watt benchtop laser system offers power-safe blasting performance and features smooth, powerful, yet soft welding.
The VLO 60 has a sheet metal housing with a large opening at the front for convenient and quick access to the spacious working chamber.
The armrest is extremely comfortable – so relaxed working is guaranteed. Laser protection is provided by the bulletproof leather curtain, allowing the VLO 60 to be placed in any work environment.
The working area is brightly illuminated, the light intensity can be dimmed.

A welding fume extraction system is integrated as standard. Operation is convenient via a touch display.
Even the finest joints can be made with the optional fine welding function and visually inspected via the stereo microscope. The handheld welding laser is ideal for dental laboratories, goldsmiths and manufacturers of sensors and microcomponents, as well as for anyone who wants to weld small components manually quickly and easily.

This bench laser can be viewed and tried out at our premises in Sins.

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